Cole Canyon Farm & Nursery

Snail & The Gardener

Pamela Mason, Founder   02/18/1946 – 02/03/2015

Located in the Monterey Bay Area of California, Cole Canyon Farm offers vegetable and herb seedlings for the home gardener at regional certified farmers’ markets. Our plants are grown from organic or untreated seed, without the use of pesticides, growth stimulants or retardants. We offer heirloom varieties that thrive in our various micro-climates, unique plants from the many cultures that make up our diverse community, and a wide assortment of garden standards guaranteed to provide an abundant harvest for you and your family.

Cole Canyon seedlings are available during the appropriate growing season and are hardened off for immediate planting in your garden, whether you plant in large row gardens, raised beds, patio containers or small balconies. We also offer an assortment of Patio Bowls including the Tiny Thyme Bowl, Mint Medley, Love Potion, Salad Bowl, Herbes de Provence and the Thai Chef.  Most of these are available year round.  More information about the Patio Bowls is here.

Pamela & Steve 2014

Pamela Mason & Steve Rehn have a commitment to organic food, humane treatment of livestock, and wise use of the land and its limited water supply.