Cole Canyon Farm & Nursery

Located in the Monterey Bay Area of California, Cole Canyon Farm offers vegetable and herb seedlings for the home gardener at regional certified farmers’ markets. Our plants are grown from organic or untreated seed, without the use of pesticides, growth stimulants or retardants. We offer heirloom varieties that thrive in our various micro-climates, unique plants from the many cultures that make up our diverse community, and a wide assortment of garden standards guaranteed to provide an abundant harvest for you and your family.

Cole Canyon seedlings are available during the appropriate growing season and are hardened off for immediate planting in your garden, whether you plant in large row gardens, raised beds, patio containers or small balconies. Specialty herb boxes and salad bowls are always available and can be made to order.

Steve and Pam

Steve and Pam

Steve and Pam met backstage the Julian Theatre on Potrero Hill in San Francisco during a rehearsal for Macbeth. She designed and built costumes; he built sets and did an occasional walk on part. Fast forward to 2001 and they had moved to Aromas and bought a parcel of land. They both liked to work, were used to the labor-intensive work ethic essential in the performing arts, and – at this stage of their lives – really wanted to stop driving long distances to work everyday. Both came from families with a strong gardening tradition, so a kitchen garden was an essential first addition to their new rural life; a chicken coop and goat barn soon followed.

A commitment to organic food, humane treatment of livestock, and wise use of the land and its limited water supply were essential ingredients to their evolution in establishing their organic nursery, with its focus on edible vegetable and herb starts for home gardeners. After 9 years of selling their plants at farmers’ markets throughout the Central Coast area of California, their Cole Canyon Farm has established a reputation for healthy and vigorous plants that are available for transplanting during the appropriate season. Medicinal herbs are being added to the ever-growing plant inventory and now you can find Cole Canyon’s certified organic seedlings and plants in many area nurseries and fine grocery stores.